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Plumbing & Pipework

Part Code: H17-PLU320
All-purpose plumber�s propane gas blow lamp, complete with gas regulator. Propane gas available separately.Overview..
Hire From: £10.00
Part Code: H17-PLU140
Designed to flush central heating systems ready for new installation, this Proflush Professional machine effectively deals with system corrosion to improve overall heating efficiency. Must be connected to a main water source.Overview..
Hire From: £5.00
Part Code: H17-PLU295
Chain Dogs for use with Pipe Vice & Stand.Overview..
Hire From: £12.50
Part Code: H10-CUT120
Predominately a metal working grinder, designed for grinding burrs away from metalwork. Supply: 110v (Transformer available separately for domestic use)Overview..
Hire From: £15.00
Part Code: H17-PLU275
Die head for pipe threaders. Free of charge when hired with the "Pipe Threader Machine"Overview..
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Part Code: H21-CLE140
Attach this flexible hose to our heavy-duty pressure washers to clean even the most awkward of draining systems.Overview..
Hire From: £17.50
Part Code: H17-PLU100
The traditional method for cleaning and unblocking standard drains, these semi-flexible rods come in standard 1m lengths, which can be connected to a maximum of 10m. Cleaning accessories such as our sweeps brush can also be attached.Overview..
Hire From: £5.00
Part Code: H17-PLU110
Designed for reaching around corners and cleaning blocked waste pipes, this 25ft flexible drain rod is ideal for domestic applications. Corkscrews through plug holes.Overview..
Hire From: £15.00
Part Code: H17-PLU130
This pressure tester will connect to a standard 15mm fitting, enabling the user to test for leakage from pipe work.Overview..
Hire From: £20.00
Part Code: H17-PLU146
This electric pipe and drain cleaner, can powerfully remove tough obstructions in pipes up to 50mm diameter, through changing the rotational direction of the tool from forward to reverse and vice versa. Mains electric supply required.Overview..
Hire From: £35.00
Part Code: H17-PLU180
We have a range of hand held benders. Our larger tube bender ensures accurate bending of 15mm stainless stell tubing and 15-22mm copper pipes. Our smaller pipe bender is specifically designed for 15mm-22mm copper pipe only.Overview..
Hire From: £10.00
Part Code: H17-PLU190
This hydraulically powered pipe bender, allows you to bend thick-walled steam and gas pipes quickly and easily providing professional results. Ideal for 10mm (3/8�) to 50mm (2�) pipes. Includes formers and guides.Overview..
Hire From: £20.00
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