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Quadrant 12 x 12mm x 2.4m Long TM671

Quadrant 12 x 12mm x 2.4m Long TM671

This pine quadrant is used to conceal flooring expansion gaps and to cover spaces between internal corners. Ideal for hiding gaps between wooden flooring and skirting boards and walls to worktop joints.


  • A simple, smooth and curved finish which can enhance the decor of any home
  • Easy to fit, using pins, screws or adhesive
  • Quadrants are available in pine, oak, hardwood and light hardwood
  • Due to their versatility, Quadrants go well with virtually any DIY project especially when paired with other timber products which are the same
  • Our quadrants are made to exact measurements every time under strict quality guidelines
  • Our Pine products are made using a lightweight, straight-grained softwood which is easy to work with. Due to its strength, elasticity and relatively low cost, pine is a popular choice to be used in a variety of projects.
  • To finish off the pine, lightly sand before applying wood stain, varnish or a lacquer
Product Specification
Product TypeQuadrant

Quadrant 12 x 12mm x 2.4m Long TM671

Quadrant 12 x 12mm x 2.4m Long TM671
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Quadrant 12 x 12mm x 2.4m Long TM671
TI Q 12X12
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TI Q 18X18
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  • Part Code: TI Q 12X12
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