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Permeable Blocks

Great drainage with permeable paving blocks

Preamble blocks allow for small gaps between each block so that water can drain in-between the gaps to prevent water buildup and puddles. This is perfect for a flat driveway that has to endure rainy English weather.

Frank Key transport deliver to Nottingham, Sheffield, Loughborough, Chesterfield and Grantham and the surrounding areas.

Brand: Bradstone Part Code: PV P IN BR
Driveway Infilta is both stylish and practical. When it’s laid as part of a permeable solution, any water that lands on it simply drains away between the blocks, stopping surface water from collecting. Importantly, this satisfies all the stringent legislation regarding front driveways.Features:Allows the ingress of rainwater into the ground below to keep driveways free from surface water ponding and mitigate flood risk.Overview..
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