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Brand: DOFF Part Code: MI ANT 2X25
This Ant Attack pack by DOFF contains 2 x 25g sachets which are fast-acting, easy to use and dissolvable. They provide up to 3 months of protection against ants and other crawling insects.A watering can or bottle spray application is ideal for use on decking, paths and patios. Features:Easy to use, ..
Brand: DOFF Part Code: MI ANT POWDER
DOFF Ant Killer is a ready-to-use powder that kills ants and their nests. It can also be used to control other crawling insects, including woodlice, earwigs and cockroaches. Doff Ant Killer is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and lasts up to 3 months.Features:For the control of Ants, cockroaches,..
Brand: LeeCroft Part Code: MI FSW
This fly swatter comes in multiple colours and is made from a single piece of material to ensure it has improved strength and stability.Features:One-piece fly swat for improved strength.Extra-long for a bigger reach.Large head for a greater chance of hitting the fly. Overview..
Brand: Rentokil Part Code: MI FLY PAP
Pack of eight fly papers. This easy to use, non-insecticidal sticky fly paper effectively catches flies. Intended for indoor use only.Features:Low costSimply pull out and hangInsecticide-freeIdeal for greenhousesOverview..
Brand: Hozelock Part Code: HP HZ 2293
This connector allows three hoses to be connected together to allow more areas of your garden to be reached at once. Made from high-quality plastic and consists of 3 male connectors in a triangular shape to ensure no overlap on the connections.Features:Made from the highest quality materials for inc..
Brand: Hozelock Part Code: HP HZ 2412
A lightweight, Free Standing Hose Reel, with manual rewind that extends your Hozelock system to reach further lengths. Max capacity of the reel is 30M.Features:Includes a 15m multi-purpose hosePerfect for storing loose hose, reducing the risk of tripsReduces hose kinking and tangling, ensuring the l..
Brand: Hozelock Part Code: HP HZ 2150
The 4-way tap connector converts a single-threaded tap into 4 taps, each with its own flow control allowing for up to 4 different uses from a single tap.Features:Fits all your standard Hozelock connectorsIndividual flow control for up to four hose outletsCan be installed quickly and easily using the..
Brand: Hozelock Part Code: HP HZ 2291
This connector allows two hoses to be joined together using two hose connectors, this allows you to reach further into your garden. Made from sturdy plastic to ensure weather durability.Features:Made from the highest quality materials for ultimate durabilityCan be used to extend the length of garden..
Brand: Hozelock Part Code: HP HZ 2292/8
This hose has an adjustable spray fitting with a male connector and stop, it is great for use in the garden.Features:Made from high quality material for increased durabilityQuick connect male connector enables a simple connection to your Hozelock SystemAdjustable head from wide cone to a strong jetP..
Brand: Hozelock Part Code: HP HZ 2100
The Hose Repair Connector will allow you to reconnect two parts of a hose that may have severed by inserting both ends either side and screwing the item in place. Made from sturdy plastic ensuring weather durability.Features:12.5mm & 15mm in diameterUse to permanently connect two lengths of hoseQuic..
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