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Feb Wintamix Frostproofer - 5L

Feb Wintamix Frostproofer - 5L

Feb Wintamix Chloride Free Double Action Frostproofer and Air Entertaining Mortar Admixture is a chloride free, liquid admixture which combines acceleration with the proven frost protection benefits of air entrainment in mortars and non-structural concrete, thus allowing work to continue even at sub-zero temperatures. Feb Wintamix is designed to be used as mortar admixture throughout the winter period. The air entraining qualities of the product improves the workability of brick laying mortars. This winter admixture also includes chloride free frost proofing chemicals which accelerate the set during the cold periods .The user will therefore find it unnecessary to change to a conventional frost proofer. This admixture also features the added benefits of creating a easier and faster to spread mortar with remains plastic for longer and has a higher strength at early stage.


  • Faster finishing times - Increases frost resistance during setting
  • Improves workability, remains plastic for longer and reduces bleed or segregation
  • Easier and faster to spread mortar & Does not contribute to efflorescence
  • Promotes higher strength at an early stage & Non-corrosive to embedded metals
Product Specification
Product TypeFrostproofer
Shelf Life2 Years

Feb Wintamix Frostproofer - 5L

Feb Wintamix Frostproofer - 5L
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