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Part Code: STE C 6X3
Concrete Step 1070x75mm 150mm WideFeatures:High Quality.Overview..
Part Code: STE C 10X3
Concrete Step 1070x75mm 250mm WideFeatures:High Quality.Overview..
Part Code: FP SP 4.6
The Supreme Concrete Repair Spur is used to support fence panels by bracing or repairing an existing fence and is available in grey colour with a stone finish. It measures 100 x 75 x 1220mm (W x H X L). It is designed to repair timber fence posts that have rotted at the base. The product is ideally used in a situation where the rest of the post is in good condition, and it is not necessary to re-instate the entire fence. Instead, it can simply be bolted to the existing post to reinforce it.Overview..
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