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At Frank Key, we have a huge range of garden and patio paving available for you to spruce up your garden on any sort of budget. Not only do we stock stunning porcelain, natural and utility paving but we also stock edging, which is the perfect addition to your paving to add the final touches that really add something different.

What Is Porcelain?

Porcelain paving is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance or cleaning, as a result of its stain resistant features. Porcelain paving also doesn't crack due to it's moisture resistant, further increasing the lifespan of this paving. Porcelain paving is most suited for a feature patio.

What Is Natural Paving?

Natural paving is made up of natural building materials, commonly sandstone, limestone and marble. The use of natural stone provides your patio with a unique and attractive design. Under proper maintenance, natural stone can be very long lasting and easily cleaned with a pressure washer.

What Is Utility Paving?

Utility paving is highly suitable for low traffic areas such as a bin store, rather than a patio. This sort of paving has slip resistant properties so is best suited for utility use, hence the name. There is also the added benefit of there been little maintenance required to maintain the appearance of this paving.

Looking for Block Paving?

If you're after block paving for sprucing up your driveway, we have a dedicated category page for that! Just click the image below and you'll be directed straight to the block paving page.


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