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At Frank Key we supply a full range of steel and concrete lintels, which are available to order from your local branch.

Precast concrete lintels are a superb solution in providing economical and robust masonry support over door and window openings. They can accept a wide range of surface finishes without special preparation and come in a variety of sizes and loadings.

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At Frank Key we carry a comprehensive range of standard sizes with products such as Hi Strength and Smooth Finish.

Steel Lintels available:
Cavity Wall Standard Lintels
Cavity Wall Heavy Duty Lintels
Solid Wall Lintels
Box Lintels Standard
Box Lintels Heavy Duty
Thin Joint Cavity Wall Lintels
Thin Joint Solid Wall Lintels
Concrete Lintels available:
Prestressed Textured Finish
Prestressed Fair Faced

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