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Concrete & Screed

Concrete and screed are both made with a cement, aggregate and water mix.

The difference being concrete is much coarser with more hard-core aggregates to provide increased strength, whereas screed uses finer aggregates for applications when a smoother finish is required.

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Depending on the type of concrete or screed you require, it can be delivered in a few different ways.

Here at Frank Key our supply partners send vehicles out with pre-mixed concrete or screed and then deposit it on site ready for you to wheelbarrow to the required location, providing you with ready to use product and eliminating the need for on-site mixing.

We also provide a specialist concrete and screed pumping service, where the product is delivered and then pumped into the required location.

Whatever your concreting and screeding requirements, call or visit your local branch to discuss your requirements and we will arrange delivery, usually within 24 hours.

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