We’re all used to having radiators in our homes. Generally, unless something goes wrong with them you probably barely notice it’s there. However in recent years the trend for underfloor heating has begun to steadily grow, and for good reason. Underfloor heating can help provide evenly distributed warmth to your home and the price of installation is rapidly decreasing making them a great investment, both for comfort and cost saving in the long run.

What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is a system of pipes or wires that sit beneath your floor carrying either warm water, similar to a radiator, or insulated wiring that also heat up. However unlike a radiator, underfloor heating is not localised to one spot as it covers the entirety of a rooms floor. This means that wherever you are in a room you’ll experience warmth under foot.

Electric flooring systems: Electric underfloor heating comes as either wires, which are coiled up for even spread or as a sheet that covers a larger area. In both instances Electric heating systems are placed on insulating boards and then covered with an insulating layer of floor screed, so there’s no risk of heat damage to your flooring.

Wet flooring systems: Pipes are connected to your boiler to circulate warm water throughout the floor. The majority of people who have wet flooring systems tend to have it in non wooden or carpet floored areas such as their kitchen for added safety should anything go wrong. Wet floor heating is a slightly more complicated process and will require a professional plumber on hand for installation.

So what are the benefits?

A more evenly heated home: With underfloor heating you’ll experience a more evenly distributed heat throughout your home. Radiators tend to heat up the air surrounding it. That localised heat can be uncomfortable to sit in, but also leave other parts of your room that are further away too cool. This is not an issue with underfloor heating.

Energy saving: A big part of what makes underfloor heating efficient is that with most systems you can set individual room temperatures. This means that you waste less energy heating rooms you don’t need to. Perfect for when you are in your chilling in your living room and need your bedroom heating up before your go to sleep.

Radiators also have to work a lot harder to heat the room they are in due to the small area they occupy, meaning they’re often worked too hard. This is incredibly inefficient and costs you more money in the long run.

Greater convenience

One of the greatest benefits of underfloor heating is that it’s hidden out of site, you guessed it, beneath your floor. The best thing about this however is the space saving it provides. With no more need for radiators, space heaters or any other room heating device you’ve got more room to play with.

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