It is becoming more and more popular for individuals to work from home as it can offer many advantages. From setting up your own schedules to saving time by avoiding your daily commutes, having a home office can be a very successful way to improve productivity.  

Now, in order to gain this success, you will need to create a work area that is efficient. Being hunched up over your laptop is not going to allow you to work properly. Therefore, it is vital you set up a suitable working space to enhance a professional and productive environment.

Let there be light

In order to get the most out of your space, you should try and choose an area that lets in a lot of natural lighting. Exposure to natural light in your workspace is said to link to increase performance.  Therefore, by making the most of the natural light, the bright room will inspire you to get the work done in effortlessly.

You can also use artificial light to provide you with a bright space. Add in some desk lamps or floor lamps so that the light is fixed in the area you will be working in. Besides, whenever you work on your desk, you must be incorporating a desktop lamp to prevent eyestrain.

Keep in mind, you do not want to allow any light sources to shine directly onto your screen in order to prevent any glare.  

Work with what you need to do, not against it

Before you set out your home office, take into consideration what is required so that you maintain a smooth workflow. For example, if you need constant access to a printer and paper, be sure to plan out your work area to cater to those needs. Make sure you have easy access to any equipment that is required to get your job done. Any documents or files that are going to be used frequently, stack them neatly close to you in filing trays. Anything that is not used daily can be stored away in boxes to ensure your office space stays clutter free.

We suggest you make a list of your office needs before you choose where your office space will be within the home. Your list of basic needs are more than likely going to include the following:

  • Desk
  • Computer or laptop
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Storage (e.g filing cabinets, bookshelf, art supplies storages)
  • Stationary

Now depending on your career, your desk and workspace size will vary. Therefore, some of you will need to work in a spare room to complete your tasks, whilst others, a corner of a room is ideal.  

Work with what you have and enhance where you can.

Don’t have space? Get creative

As everyone won’t have the luxury of huge spare rooms with the opportunity to fill it in any way they want to, it may be time for you to get creative and create space.

As you do not want to feel cramped in your space, building your own furniture is a great alternative. For example, through DIY you can create your own desk with built-in storage that fits perfectly in your designated area.

Consider the things that are required for your office and pick out the things that you can build and create yourself.

Maximise comfort

When investing in your office furniture, you want to be mindful of the amount of comfort you will achieve. Ensure that the office chair you will be sitting in ergonomically supports you and is adjustable. You should be maintaining the correct posture whilst you sit at your desk.

It may help to have the device you are working on at your eye level to prevent your neck from straining. And as you should know, take regular wrist breaks to prevent any injuries.

Keep leisure and work separate

Although it is difficult, it is suggested that you keep your work life separate to your domestic life in order to stay balanced. As your home environment can be distracting, especially if you have children or a full house, you need to be able to shut out any interruptions. If you can, we recommend you choose a designated room or a peaceful corner with a clear sign that you do not want to be disturbed. This way, you can achieve the level of privacy required to get your work done.

Stay inspired with pleasing aesthetics

Unlike the office at your workplace, your home office setup can look in any way you want it to. As this is the place you will spend most of your time to complete your tasks, you want office decor that will keep you motivated and productive throughout your chosen work hours.

Once you have picked a colour scheme that matches your personality, you can place inspirational quotes or art around the room to make you feel good. You will also want to bring in some nature inside your room. By adding greenery to your space, it will improve the quality of air – thus enhancing a calming environment to improve productivity.

Like mentioned earlier, sometimes it is best to build things yourself in order for items to be exactly how you want it. If DIY is something you love, why not take a look at the building materials and tools we have to offer in order to create something you’re proud of.