As winter comes to an end, we look forward to a season full of bluebells blossoming and easter egg eating. We feel it is important to prepare your home for the Spring, and in particular the regular changes in climate throughout the season.

Spring is the main time for flowers to start blossoming, so get out in the garden and plant some seeds, water some plants and ensure all bushes and trees are pruned to improve their growth. Doing this will give your garden a cosy and warming feel, whilst providing great scenery for you and your potential guests.

Although Spring is a time for the weather getting warmer, we also see lots of rainfall. You’ve probably not cleaned your gutters out since last autumn, or for some people, even longer. It is essential that during the Spring season you clean your gutters as twigs and leaves may be obstructing the water from flowing through the gutters properly. Improper drainage can lead to water in the basement or crawl space so it is vital you get them cleaned.

Pick up a paint brush, for both the interior, and the exterior of your home. Redecorating your properties exterior is a great way of shielding it against the environments of rainfall, whilst painting the interior allows you to brighten up your home to give it a warmer feeling to it.

Check your power equipment. Ensure your lawnmowers and other landscaping equipment are all ready for summer use. Clean and looked after equipment will make gardening work easier for the summer.

Look for cracks in driveways, sidewalks and anywhere in the house, if you see any ensure you patch them up to prevent any further water damage happening from the potential rainfall in Spring.

If you are looking for specific products to prepare your home for Spring then we may have just what you’re looking for, hiring tools has never been easier than here at Frank Key. If you are interested in hiring any of our tools then contact us today or pop in to your local Frank Key branch, we will be happy to discuss any queries further.