Winter usually signals a slowing down of activity in your garden, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t work to be done! In today’s article, we take a look at 6 quick jobs to care for your garden in winter.

Sweep up leaves

Whilst sweeping up leaves may not be the most exciting job, its great for ensuring that your garden looks its best. Not only will your garden look tidier once the job is done, but the leaves can be used as compost for your soil and plants.

To start composting your leaves, fill a bag with the leaves and get them wet to begin the decomposition process. Tie the bag up and poke a few holes in it to allow aeration.

Store Seasonal Tools

Make sure all seasonal tools—such as rakes, pruning shears and garden shovels are stored inside a garage or shed away from the elements. Make sure to oil any mechanical parts as well as removing any unwanted moisture from metal parts to prevent rust.

Bonus tip: Using a thin layer of vegetable oil can help garden tools to prevent rusting. During heavy snowfall, a coating of vegetable oil can help prevent snow from sticking to your tools.

Store plants inside

Any planters you’d like to save through the season would be best moved to a greenhouse or inside.

Cold weather conditions make it unsuitable for some plants since ice crystals can form in the spaces between cells in the plant. When the weather becomes colder, water forms ice crystals which can damage the cell wall. Also, don’t forget to turn off all sprinkler systems and unplug garden hoses.

Stock up and salt and sand

Preparing for icy pathways in winter can often be overlooked. Purchasing some salt, ice melt or sand before the cold weather hits is the best way to ensure you can still get around outside you’re home. This will give you some extra traction if you need to shovel snow from your garden paths or driveway. 

Remove dying plants

Dying and decade plants make fantastic food for insects in the winter, if left unchecked parasites can quickly spread from unhealthy plants to healthy ones. It’s highly important therefore that you remove dead plants during winter to prevent this.

Net Ponds

If you have an outdoor pond for fish it’s important to cover them with netting in the winter. Fallen leaves can often get stuck in water pumps and the filters causing them to clog and stop working which can be harmful to the or worse failing to the fish.

Spreading out a net across the water and holding it down with heavy stones or pegs can help prevent this.

Maintaining the same amount of vibrancy in the garden in the winter can be challenging. But when the garden is clean and has been cared for your workload for the spring is reduced. For more helpful tips keep an eye on our blog or get in touch if you have questions for the Frank Key team.