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Work Lighting

Part Code: H19-LIG080
This 5ft stand light provides a virtually shadow free lighting environment, perfect for illuminating plastering and painting tasks. Download the guide for this productOverview..
Hire From: £15.00
Part Code: H19-LIG010
Convenient rechargeable lantern, giving you light when a main supply is not available. Provides 360olight over a 10-hour run time, allowing you to work in those awkward internal or external areas.Overview..
Hire From: £15.00
Part Code: H19-LIG030
This portable 500w halogen task light is secured on a telescopic tri-pod stand and is ideal for lighting large areas. Stand can be adjusted between 1.5m 2.5m height Fitted with 1.9m cable and 13 Amp plug. Use with 3kva portable transformer and 110v extension cable.Overview..
Hire From: £6.00
Part Code: H19-LIG200
Hire From: £250.00
Part Code: H19-LIG070
This super silent and efficient LED stand light with three adjustable heads gives you the flexibility to work whilst keep noise and light pollution to a minimum.Overview..
Hire From: £17.00
Part Code: H19-LIG050
This 110v 22m cable, with ten 60w bulbs, is ideal for use on large construction sites or for illuminating your private functions. Bulbs spaced at 2m internals. Complete with protective bulb guards. Download the guide for this productOverview..
Hire From: £12.00
Part Code: H19-LIG020
Designed to illuminate tight and awkward areas, this lightweight floodlight can stand or be held giving you maximum flexibility.Overview..
Hire From: £6.00
Part Code: H19-LIG035
Hire From: £10.00
Part Code: H19-LIG045
Hire From: £250.00
Part Code: H19-LIG000
Hire From: £5.50
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