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Model: H13-WOO135
The precise specialist wood jointing tool, complete with robust metal angle scaled guides and lock points to enable you to create accurate joints...
Hire From: £15.00
Model: H13-WOO150
Ideal for adjusting door frames when replacing floor coverings, without the need to take the door off its hinges. Height and depth of cut fully adjustable...
Hire From: £20.00
Model: H13-SAW010
Available in 110v or cordless. All jigsaw blades are available to purchase...
Hire From: £10.00
Model: H13-SAW000
This cordless tool offers a solution to many cutting problems. Capable of cutting laminate, metal, grout, plasterboard and much more. All accessories are available to purchase...
Hire From: £10.00
Model: H13-WOO120
A 1/2" router that comes with all the standard attachments. Ideal for use with the worktop jig..
Hire From: £15.00
Model: H13-SAW030
Perfect for trimming and cutting sheet timber, also available in 18v cordless. Options include 165mm Cordless or 7in - 9in versions...
Hire From: £15.00
Model: H13-SAW100
This multipurpose saw can be used as a rip saw or when flipped over a mitresaw,..
Hire From: £30.00
Model: H13-SAW080
A simple and straightforward metire saw for cutting timber from zero to 90 degrees...
Hire From: £5.00
Model: H13-SAW050
This is a multipurpose saw that will cut either timber or metal depending on the choice of bloade used. Available in Corded or Cordless versions...
Hire From: £12.00
Model: H13-SAW110
The table saw is a bench type rip saw, mainly for cutting sheet material...
Hire From: £20.00
Model: H13-WOO100
This electric plane will take up to 2.5mm of timber off per pass but is also adjustable to zero...
Hire From: £12.00
Model: H13-CLA000
Our range of industry leading G-Clamps, Sash Clamps and Floorboard Clamps, made from cast iron and forged steel components, gives the exceptional durability and strength you require to complete your project. Swivel shoe on our 10� G-Clamp enables clamping on uneven surfaces. The slide and head on ..
Hire From: £5.00
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