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Surface Preparation

Floor Scabbler Concrete
Part Code: H12-FLO160
With its star shaped tungsten tipped flails and adjustable height, this machine will scabble concrete floors, allowing a key ready for over-screeding. Generates high volumes of dust, therefore please exercise caution and use appropriate PPE. Supply: 110v (Transformer is available for domestic use at..
Hire From: £50.00
Hand Held Concrete Grinder
Part Code: H12-FLO130
Based on a 125mm grinder, this power tool with its cup shaped diamond disc, will gradually grind concrete and other material down to the required level.Overview..
Hire From: £45.00
Floor Grinder 110v LPG Diamond
Part Code: H12-FLO140
Effectively removes all types of floor coverings leaving a level surface ready for new flooring preparation. (Diamond Head Floor Grinders also available with an additional wear charge). Ideal for removing floor paints, rubber adhesives, carpet backing and bitumens. Generates high volumes of dust, th..
Hire From: £55.00
Curing Tank
Part Code: H08-CON000
Curing tank designed for curing concrete in test moulds. Ideal for site use where an economical solution is required.Overview..
Hire From: £11.00
Test Cube Moulds 6insq
Part Code: H08-CON010
Hire From: £11.00
Hand Held Scabbler 230mm
Part Code: H12-FLO150
Used to finish concrete surfaces without the use of a trowel.Overview..
Hire From: £22.00
Needle Gun 110v
Part Code: H21-DEC122
Lightweight and powerful tool designed for the removal of paint, rust and scale from a metals and masonry.Overview..
Hire From: £17.60
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