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Pump Submersible 110-240v 1/2/3in Outlet
Part Code: H05-SIT260
Designed to be used fully submersed to move water quickly and efficiently. Ideal for site drainage, emptying pools and flooded basements. Large volumes of water can be pumped while unattended. Not to be run dry, Hire includes one length of discharge hose. Puddle pumps also available - ask in branch ..
Hire From: £25.00
Flame Gun propane 1/2/3 head
Part Code: H22-GAR400
Designed to burn away weeds or sterilise the ground prior to digging using either a single, double or triple burner.Overview..
Hire From: £15.00
110 Litre Bunded Diesel Tank Trolley
Part Code: H05-SIT405
Plastc bunded portable diesel dispensing tank is ideal for small fuel requirements or where access is limited. They are easily moved and fit through most doorways. Fuel is dispensed by a hand pump.Overview..
Hire From: £40.00
Damp Cream Cartridge Gun
Part Code: H05-SIT420
An alternative to the damp proof pump. This system uses a mastic type gun and cartridges. The fluid is injected in the mortar joint instead of the brick work.Overview..
Hire From: £12.00
Compactor Plate Forward/Reverse Diesel
Part Code: H07-COM040
This heavy duty diesel compactor is excellent for bigger projects involving paving stones, earth, ballast and asphalt compaction, floor fillings, foundations, road repairs as well as backfill in pipe trenches. The forward/reverse compactor has an operating width of 400mm and centrifugal force of 25k..
Hire From: £50.00
Acro No.3 2.17 - 3.975m
Part Code: H05-ACR103
We offer a range of five sizes of acros, plus trench props.Choice of heights available from 1.04m to 4.88mMade from extra strong tubular steelTelescopic height adjustmentOverview..
Hire From: £5.00
Damp Proof Injection Pump
Part Code: H05-SIT430
A professional way of creating a new damp proof layer in internal and external walls using an electric pump unit used in conjuction with a damp-proof course injection fluid, to create abarrier against rising damp.250W motorWeight: 23kgOverview..
Hire From: £30.00
Pump (Petrol) 2 inch - Hose included
Part Code: H05-SIT280
Remove water from flooded areas or from areas where electricity isn't accessible or advisable with our 2" Petrol Water Pump. Designed for emptying swimming pools, ponds or carrying out similar tasks effortlessly.Hose included.Overview..
Hire From: £30.00
Strong Boy 500 x 150mm
Part Code: H05-SIT110
Used in conjuction with an acro prop, the strong boy offers reach, allowing brickwork to be free of obstruction from the acro enabling brickwork to be removed. Supports spans up to 900mm. Alsoavailable to buyOverview..
Hire From: £6.00
Vibrating Poker/Rod (Petrol)
Part Code: H08-CON050
Vibrating pokers remove air trapped in concrete, which in turn makes it stronger. There is a choice of petrol or electric units and a range of different sized poker heads. Driver units come complete with a Poker/Rod. However additional Pokers are available (order using drop down list on the right of..
Hire From: £27.50
Pedestrian Roller (21 inch)
Part Code: H07-COM050
Pedestrian Roller - Perfect for the larger job where a compactor plate is just too small. These rollers also have forward and reverse drive to improve manoeuvrability.Overview..
Hire From: £50.00
Bitumen Boiler 5/10/15 Gallon (Upon Request)
Part Code: H05-SIT170
These propane powered tar burners are self-contained units. They have a removeable inner tank and enclosed burner bracket. Supplied with adjustable regulator and hose.Fuel- propane (available to purchase)Weight: 42kg-95kgTank sizes available: 1,5,10-15 gallonOverview..
Hire From: £15.00
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