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Part Code: H17-PLU100
Hire From: £10.00
Part Code: H17-PLU110
Hire From: £16.50
Part Code: H17-PLU130
This pressure tester will connect to a standard 15mm fitting, enabling the user to test for leakage from pipe work.Overview..
Hire From: £20.00
Part Code: H17-PLU131
Hire From: £30.00
Part Code: H17-PLU140
Hire From: £50.00
Part Code: H17-PLU150
Hire From: £5.50
Part Code: H17-PLU160
Ideal for use when replacing small sections of domestic central heating systems, allowing you to isolate the area without having to drain the whole system. Electric, easy to use machine freezes the water in the pipes to seal the water system ready for work. Mains electric supply required. Download ..
Hire From: £33.00
Part Code: H17-PLU170
Precision tooling, ensures accurate bending of 15mm and 22mm copper tubes or 15 mm stainless steel tubes. Bends tubes up to 90 degrees. Can be used with a vice. Includes aluminium alloy formers and guidesOverview..
Hire From: £11.00
Part Code: H17-PLU180
We have a range of hand held benders. Our larger tube bender ensures accurate bending of 15mm stainless stell tubing and 15-22mm copper pipes. Our smaller pipe bender is specifically designed for 15mm-22mm copper pipe only.Overview..
Hire From: £7.50
Part Code: H17-PLU190
This hydraulically powered pipe bender, allows you to bend thick-walled steam and gas pipes quickly and easily providing professional results. Ideal for 10mm (3/8) to 50mm (2) pipes. Includes formers and guides.Overview..
Hire From: £22.00
Part Code: H17-PLU200
Hire From: £16.50
Part Code: H17-PLU220
This 240v reciprocating saw with integral pipe clamp, enables perfectly square cuts in metal and plastic pipes up to 4/110mm in diameter. Variable speed control. Allows cutting flush to walls when working in confined spaces or overhead.Overview..
Hire From: £20.00
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