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Pipe Bending

Pipe Bender Hand
Model: H17-PLU180
We have a range of hand held benders. Our larger tube bender ensures accurate bending of 15mm stainless stell tubing and 15-22mm copper pipes. Our smaller pipe bender is specifically designed for 15mm-22mm copper pipe only...
Hire From: £10.00
Model: H17-PLU190
This hydraulically powered pipe bender, allows you to bend thick-walled steam and gas pipes quickly and easily providing professional results. Ideal for 10mm (3/8�) to 50mm (2�) pipes. Includes formers and guides...
Hire From: £20.00
Model: H17-PLU170
Precision tooling, ensures accurate bending of 15mm and 22mm copper tubes or 15 mm stainless steel tubes. Bends tubes up to 90 degrees. Can be used with a vice. Includes aluminium alloy formers and guides..
Hire From: £10.00
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