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Signal Generator (Use with Cat Detector)
Part Code: H23-SUR010
Recommended for use with CAT detectorsSignificantly increases the performance of cable avoidance toolsAdjustable signal generationLoudspeaker, accessory tray and accessory slotOverview..
Hire From: £25.00
Mouse Sonde For Use With Drain Rods / Cobra Reel
Part Code: H23-SUR020
Enables you to trace non-metallic sewers, drains, ducts or pipes and locate blockages or collapsesOverview..
Hire From: £10.00
CAT Detector
Part Code: H23-SUR000
CAT Detector - Three classic detection modes: POWER mode, RADIO mode and GENERATOR modeOverview..
Hire From: £25.00
Wall Scanner
Part Code: H23-SUR070
Our wall scanners will map the depth, width and distance between potentially hazardous objects in concrete, masonry and most interior finishes.The ultra-wideband radar provides millimetre-accurate detection of steel, copper, live cables, wooden studs and even plastic pipes used for underfloor heatin..
Hire From: £22.00
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