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Lawn Care

Auto Rake 18'' (Petrol)
Model: H22-GAR235
Wider than the standard petrol scarifier and self-propelled, allowing easy removal of green waste from larger lawns and cricket pitches...
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Back Pack Garden Sprayer
Model: H22-GAR410
Spray a wide range of garden chemicals and fertilisers easily and accurately, with this backpack garden sprayer...
Hire From: £10.00
Garden Roller (Water Filled)
Model: H22-GAR380
Your lawn will have a professional finish, with this easy to use and clean garden roller...
Hire From: £7.00
Model: H22-GAR270
Enables you to control weeds and light under-growth within inaccessible areas. You can choose between nylon blades or strimmer line attachments. All Frank Key Tool Hire strimmers are supplied with a harness, helmet and visor for your safety and comfort...
Hire From: £15.00
Model: H22-GAR220
Achieve ultimate lawn health and a fine turf finish with these manual and petrol powered lawn aerators. Available with solid or hollow tines. Download the guide for this product..
Hire From: £7.50
Lawn Rake (240v)
Model: H22-GAR240
Designed to aerate the ground while removing dead grass, moss and leaves from your lawn into a large rear collection basket, improving the health of your lawn for the season ahead. The heavy-duty version is ideal for cutting even the most dense grass and scrub areas...
Hire From: £10.00
Model: H22-GAR250
Designed to remove any dead material such dead grass, moss and leaves from your lawn restoring it back to health. Download the guide for this product..
Hire From: £35.00
Model: H22-GAR090
The ergonomic design and high performance of both petrol and electric models ensure areas of leaves, grass cutting and other garden materials can be cleared quickly and efficiently. Download the guide for this product..
Hire From: £20.00
Model: H22-GAR190
Our petrol push and self-propelled professional rotary mowers will cut large areas of lawns quickly...
Hire From: £20.00
Model: H21-VAC115
Designed to quickly and efficiently clean hard to reach areas, especially where you need a fast turnaround such as public transport, aeroplanes, theatres and stairwells...
Hire From: £17.50
Model: H22-GAR180
The wheeled brush cutter will cut most overgrown areas of brambles and bushes...
Hire From: £40.00
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