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Part Code: H19-GEN010
With our range of petrol and small diesel generators you can choose the right level of power for your needs. Our post popular size of generator, the 2-3kva petrol generator, can be used to supply either 110 or 230v. With its large tank and larger output, our 3-5kva petrol generator gives you more po..
Hire From: £10.00
Part Code: H19-GEN040
Our low noise emission generators are fitted with 230v and 110v sockets, providing continuous high output of power depending on your needs. Our popular 6-8kva generators is ideal for powering a variety of tools and lighting equipment on large sites. We also, offer a robust 8kva and 10-11 kva generat..
Hire From: £30.00
Part Code: H19-GEN000
Easy to carry and suitcase style design making it easy to transport, whilst maintaining a high performance over seven hours at 75% load...
Hire From: £20.00
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