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Rotavator Hydraulic 9hp/13hp (Petrol)
Part Code: H22-GAR120
Fully hydraulic, perfect for heavily compacted ground conditions. Variable drive and tine speed ensure you can get a fine tilth finish with these machines. Forward and reverse gears and simple controls allow a safe and comfortable operation. A dead-person clutch immediately shuts down all hydraulic ..
Hire From: £75.00
Grass Trimmer Small (Petrol)
Part Code: H22-GAR270
Enables you to control weeds and light under-growth within inaccessible areas. You can choose between nylon blades or strimmer line attachments. All Frank Key Tool Hire strimmers are supplied with a harness, helmet and visor for your safety and comfort.Overview..
Hire From: £18.00
Long Handed Pole Pruner (Manual)
Part Code: H22-GAR060
Ideal for cutting tough branches over a small area, can reach heights of up to 2.4m with a 300mm cutting blade.Overview..
Hire From: £11.00
Westerman Moss Brush (Petrol)
Part Code: H22-GAR095
This Petrol Moss Brush machine offers a powerful, hard surface cleaning solution, designed to save you time and energy. Remove moss, debris and weeds without the use of chemicals or water. Beneath the brush is a jockey wheel which allows you to adjust the height of the bristles, enabling a hard or s..
Hire From: £80.00
Hydraulic Post Puller
Part Code: H22-GAR330
Save hours compared to manual digging with this unique hydraulic post removal system, designed to take the strain and hard work out of removing fence posts of all shapes and sizes. Producing a powerful 4000kg force capable of removing the post complete with its concrete footing, with no digging or b..
Hire From: £55.00
Rotavator Medium 8hp (Petrol)
Part Code: H22-GAR110
A tough and durable machine, ideal for allotments and gardens and is even capable of producing a great finish in previously uncultivated ground.Overview..
Hire From: £50.00
Blower Cordless
Part Code: H22-GAR092
The ergonomic design and high performance of both petrol and electric models ensure areas of leaves, grass cutting and other garden materials can be cleared quickly and efficiently. Download the guide for this productOverview..
Hire From: £18.00
Hedge Trimmer (Two Stroke)
Part Code: H22-GAR010
Hire From: £25.00
Wheeled Brush Cutter Extreme
Part Code: H22-GAR185
This heavy-duty mower will cut almost anything you run over. It will cut bramble, small seedling as well a slong grass. Powerful but compact, making it easy for transportation.Overview..
Hire From: £50.00
Turf Cutter (Petrol)
Part Code: H22-GAR210
Removes turf efficiently, to enable building or landscaping work to be started without lifting a spade using this labour-saving, petrol powered machine. Download the guide for this productOverview..
Hire From: £50.00
Scarrifier Self Propelled (Petrol)
Part Code: H22-GAR260
A powerful and reliable Petrol engine rotates the tines at high speed to pull out the maximum amounts of thatch from your lawn. Designed to remove any dead material such dead grass, moss and leaves from your lawn restoring it back to health. The fine blade spacing and the staggered layout ensures t..
Hire From: £50.00
Power Barrow (Petrol)
Part Code: H22-GAR375
A heavy-duty MiniDumper. Designed to transport construction and landscaping materials across rugged terrain with ease and safety.Engineered to be tough, reliable and versatile to meet the demands of the professional user and rental industry.Features:High QualityOverview..
Hire From: £27.50
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