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Garden Clearance & Fencing

Model: H22-GAR185
This heavy-duty mower will cut almost anything you run over. It will cut bramble, small seedling as well a slong grass. Powerful but compact, making it easy for transportation...
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Model: H22-GAR170
This electric log splitter drives a hydraulic pump which can split logs up to 400mm in diameter and 700mm long...
Hire From: £30.00
Model: H22-GAR290
With a two-man operation, this ergonomic design is perfect for large commercial fencing, landscaping and construction digging projects...
Hire From: £60.00
Model: H22-GAR330
Ideal for removing fence posts of all shapes and sizes. Please speak to our experienced staff for tips on how to get the most out of this machine...
Hire From: £50.00
Model: H22-GAR310
Easy to use and control, in order to manually bore the perfect hole for a fence post...
Hire From: £5.00
Model: H22-GAR300
A two stroke petrol unit that can be used by one person, with a choice of either a 100mm or 200mm auger...
Hire From: £6.00
Model: H24-PLA070
This power barrow, with heavy-duty design can load or transport construction, agricultural and landscaping materials across a variety of terraibs safely and quickly with ease. Petrol Width 720mm, Length 1600mm Height 925mm 300kg pay load Volume 0..113m3/0.134m3 heaped Unladen weight 155kg..
Hire From: £25.00
Model: H22-GAR100
Both our light cultivators and heavy duty rotavators are robust, reliable and simple to operate. The small, light duty model is ideal for digging over cultivated land, especially borders, allotments and plots. While the heavy-duty model is ideal for larger landscaping projects and makes light work o..
Hire From: £38.00
Model: H22-GAR350
Our professional stump grinders are designed to chip the stump away until it is below ground-level. Some digging will be required before you start. Available in compact or heavy duty versions...
Hire From: £50.00
Model: H22-GAR210
Removes turf efficiently, to enable building or landscaping work to be started without lifting a spade using this labour-saving, petrol powered machine. Download the guide for this product..
Hire From: £40.00
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