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Fencing & Barriers

Vehicle Gate - (Anti Climb Fence)
Part Code: H04-FEN022
This Vehicle Gate is designed for Temporary Fencing systems which need to provide sites with security and protection for a short period of time.This Gate is suitable for providing access to vehicle traffic and will keep your site secure when it is not in use.Can be connected using steel couplers.Ove..
Hire From: £12.00
Pedestrian Gate - (Anti Climb Fence)
Part Code: H04-FEN020
Pedestrian Gates are suitable for Temporary Fencing systems which are used to provide site security on a short-term basis.It can be assembled with all types of Temporary Fencing Panel and is very easy to install using Couplers.Overview..
Hire From: £4.00
Crowd Control Barrier (Metal) 2m x 1.2m
Part Code: H04-FEN005
Metal crowd control barriers are made of high-quality galvanised steel and have been designed to provide a temporary safety barrier. Crowd control barriers are ideal for supplying pedestrian traffic management in busy or heavily crowded areas.For use in:Construction SitesMusic FestivalsFootball Matc..
Hire From: £6.00
Anti-Climb Fence Panel 3.5x2m
Part Code: H04-FEN010
Manufactured from heavy-duty galvanised steel the anti-climb temporary fencing panel is designed to provide a fast, effective and good value temporary site perimeter. For use in:Construction SitesMusic FestivalsFootball MatchesOverview..
Hire From: £4.00
Pedestrian Barrier (Plastic) 2m x 1m
Part Code: H04-FEN000
The barriers provide a unique solution for controlling large gatherings of people. This may be at an outdoor music concert or any event involving thousands of people. The linking design makes creating a safety barrier that is miles long easy.Overview..
Hire From: £4.00
Solid Hoarding Fence Panel 2m x 1.8m
Part Code: H04-FEN015
When it comes to temporary site security, Steel Hoarding is one of the best solutions for privacy and protection. Its solid panel design provides excellent security, as it is difficult to climb over or break into.Overview..
Hire From: £5.00
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