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Pressure Washer - Medium Duty (240v)
Part Code: H21-CLE115
Both our pressure washers have a direct detergent feed allowing automatic dispersal through the nozzle for effective cleaning. Medium Duty Ideal for domestic and light industrial work including walkways, patios and warehouse floors. Heavy Duty Ideal for industrial work including removing chemical sp..
Hire From: £30.00
Carpet Cleaner - Heavy Duty
Part Code: H21-CLE105
A professional carpet cleaner, ideal for larger areas.Overview..
Hire From: £44.00
Vacuum - Wet (Light duty)
Part Code: H21-VAC105
Clean liquid spillages and flooded areas quickly and efficiently with this powerful but light duty vacuum cleaner.Overview..
Hire From: £18.70
Pressure Washer Hot Wash
Part Code: H21-CLE130
Fully temperature and pressure controlled, this pressure washer is small enough to keep in your van to clean the most stubborn stains. Connects easily to mains water supply, suction-feed allowing cleaning agents to be added.Overview..
Hire From: £85.00
Floor Scrubber Polisher
Part Code: H12-FLO170
Designed to polish most types of solid flooring, this industrial floor scrubber polisher, with large capacity solution tank, is ideal for cleaning large areas quickly. Large 400mm diameter cleaning head. Choice of brushes and pads. Supply: 110v (Transformer is available for domestic use at 110v)Over..
Hire From: £35.00
Manual Litter Sweeper
Part Code: H21-CLE110
This self-propelled manual sweeper is perfect for clearing pathways and driveways of litter, leaves and grass trimmings.Overview..
Hire From: £13.75
Vacuum - Wet (Heavy duty)
Part Code: H21-VAC110
This twin motored 60 litre vacuum is a powerful unit which is ideal for water spills.Overview..
Hire From: £25.00
Battery Floor Scubber Drier
Part Code: H21-VAC000
This professional commercial grade unit is perfect for maintenance and deep-cleaning work. Designed to efficiently remove dirt and grim across medium-sized areas.Overview..
Hire From: £80.00
Vacuum - Dry (Heavy duty)
Part Code: H21-VAC108
This strong, industrial vacuum cleaner will pick up a wide variety of dry materials to efficiently clean your site.Overview..
Hire From: £25.00
Steam Cleaner(Karcher SG 4/4)
Part Code: H21-DEC120
Compact steam cleaner, complete with numerous attachments, makes cleaning tight, hard to reach areas easy.Overview..
Hire From: £30.00
Pressure Washer/Mini Bowser (Petrol)
Part Code: H21-CLE124
A cold water high-pressure portable pressure washer, with a petrol engine and 125 litre incorporated water bowser makes this washer ideal for cleaning projects where no power or water supply is available. Quick Release Powerwasher Unit. Suction and Direct Water Feed. Integrated chemical system. Heav..
Hire From: £75.00
Vacuum - Dry (Light duty)
Part Code: H21-VAC100
A mini vacuum with great suction.Overview..
Hire From: £15.00
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