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Clamps, Hoist & Slings

Model: H20-LIF160
Special three leg chain sling for lifting wheel barrows. Supplied with two rings for the handles & a pig tail hook for the front. Simple to attach & detach Lifts wheel barrows of up to 250kg Length: 1m..
Hire From: £7.00
Model: H20-LIF110
We offer robust and hard-wearing beam clamps, with maximum weight capacities ranging from 1 to 2 tonnes (other sizes available on request). Each of our clamps can be easily adjusted to fit most beams and girders...
Hire From: £12.50
Model: H20-LIF120
Ideal for general workshop and industrial use, these robust chain blocks are tested and approved to CE standards. 1&2 tonne safe working load. 3m & 10m lift height..
Hire From: £15.00
Model: H20-LIF170
Hydraulic engine hoist ensures an engine can be lifted out of its bay with little effort. We have a range of engine hoists from 250kg to 2 tonne weight capacity. Perfect for use by a home mechanic or professional garage...
Hire From: £25.00
Model: H20-LIF090
The electric cable winch will lift up to 200kg, in most cases. It is used on scaffolding to raise and lower loads such as bricks, mortar and tiles. Maximum working height 25m Max safe load 200kg..
Hire From: £40.00
Model: H20-LIF100
An improved design on the traditional gin wheel. This pulley has a breaking system to hold the load when being raised. Rope not supplied...
Hire From: £17.50
Model: H20-LIF150
Webbing Sling (1t) 3m..
Hire From: £10.00
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