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Bumpa Hoist & Conveyors

Portable Conveyor 4.4m (Shifta)
Part Code: H20-LIF065
The 300mm wide, 110v, 4.4m long lightweight portable Shifta conveyor offers the ultimate conveying solution that moves with your workspace. Move up to 60 tonnes of aggregate every hour. Maximum payload 150kg at a 45 degree angle.Overview..
Hire From: £125.00
Bumpa Hoist (8m)
Part Code: H20-LIF050
Bumpa hoists work in both forward and reverse (simply change the belt configuration and use it to strip salvage from even the most difficult roof). The Bumpa itself is very versatile and can load tiles, fittings, rolls of felt, lead, blocks, bricks, mortar and more.Overview..
Hire From: £82.50
Bumpa Hoist (10m)
Part Code: H20-LIF060
The Bumpa is quick to erect, enabling you to start work quickly.Petrol or electric (110v)Emergency stop button top & bottomReversible action for loading and strippingCompact design- folds in half for ease of transport110kg-120kg machine weight80kg payloadOverview..
Hire From: £88.00
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