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Breaking & Drilling

Part Code: H09-BRE010
5kg SDS Max chipping hammer, for medium-duty chiselling, chasing and breaking.Overview..
Hire From: £25.00
Part Code: H09-BRE020
Our most popular breaker, offering many solutions. This breaker will break through 120mm of conrete if required, but is better suited to breaking through paths andsmall slabs of concreteOverview..
Hire From: £30.00
Part Code: H09-BRE030
The most powerful of the electric breakers. With a capacity of 150mm breaking depth, this breaker is large enough to cope with larger areas of concrete.Overview..
Hire From: £40.00
Part Code: H09-BRE040
This breaker is a portable two petrol breaker and runs on a 2-stroke fuel mixOverview..
Hire From: £44.00
Part Code: H09-BRE050
With its own power pack, this petrol powered, hydraulic driven breaker is powerful and portable. Ideal for breaking asphalt, concrete roads, pavements, paths, patios and slabs. This is the modern alternative providing higher performance with low operator fatigue.Overview..
Hire From: £70.00
Part Code: H09-BRE060
With its magnetic base and safety chain, this drill is designed to drill holes from 10mm up to 32mm through steel, ideal for installing girders. Supply: 110v (Transformer available separately for domestic use) Download the guide for this productOverview..
Hire From: £40.00
Part Code: H09-BRE910
Hire From: £3.00
Part Code: H09-BRE925
Hire From: £3.00
Part Code: H09-DRI010
Hire From: £11.00
Part Code: H09-DRI020
Designed for tight and confined spaces where a standard drill cannot be used. Ideal for plumbing and electrical work, saving you holding a standard drill in a comfortable manner. ?Supply: 110v (Transformer available separately for domestic use)Overview..
Hire From: £16.50
Part Code: H09-DRI040
A variable speed drill with chuck, includes an internal clutch to reduce damage when the core snags. Available with or without diamond cores. Supply: 110v (Transformer available separately for domestic use)Overview..
Hire From: £22.00
Part Code: H09-DRI050
Designed for a wide variety of core drilling applications this electric drill motor and stand system is the ideal system for medium core drilling in walls, floor and roofs, giving a maximum core diameter of 10inches. Easy to tilt stand with back support provides stable, comfortable and reliable dril..
Hire From: £100.00
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