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Part Code: H15-AIR001
This air conditioning unit is easy to use and compact. With any air conditioner the vent pipe requires an opening in the room to expel the warm air.Overview..
Hire From: £30.00
Part Code: H15-FAN000
This fan will move large quantities of air. Ideal for warehouses and industrial units.Overview..
Hire From: £15.00
Part Code: H15-FAN010
The evaporative cooler has a low power usage and does not require an external vent. Simply fill with water and the internal fan will circulate cool air.Overview..
Hire From: £25.00
Part Code: H15-HEA000
Ceramic heaters will raise the temperature in small areas and have two 1.4KW panels that can be used individually or together.Overview..
Hire From: £12.50
Part Code: H15-HEA010
This is a heavy duty fan heater, available in 230v only.Overview..
Hire From: £10.00
Part Code: H15-HEA020
A powerful electric heater with two heat settings. This heater is a direct heater for heating people and objects. The room temperature will be raised significantly when using this heater.Overview..
Hire From: £15.00
Part Code: H15-HEA030
Running purely on butane gas, this cabinet heaters provides efficient low level heat for smaller areas and ideal for site cabins. Gas sold separately.Overview..
Hire From: £11.00
Part Code: H15-HEA035
Available in a single or double radiant element versions, these robust heaters are ideal for on-site use. Suitable for use with a propane gas cylinder (any size). Flame failure safety trip fitted as standard. Gas sold separately.Overview..
Hire From: £7.50
Part Code: H15-HEA040
These gas heaters are available in two sizes in both 230v and 110v. You will require a power source to power the fan in these heaters and propane gas or diesel. Perfect for instant heat. Cannot be used in enclosed spaces Also available is a 110v pan heater, also known as a dustbin heater. It comes ..
Hire From: £12.50
Part Code: H16-DEH000
Ideal for humidity control in small domestic spaces such as bedrooms and caravans. Mains power supply required ?Capacity: 19L/dayOverview..
Hire From: £17.00
Part Code: H16-DEH010
Designed for new construction and wet trade drying, our smallest industrial humidifier is also ideal for restorative drying after fire or flood and cellar / basement drying. Powered by either 110v or 240v supply. Capacity: 35L/dayOverview..
Hire From: £20.00
Part Code: H16-DEH020
This portable but robust dehumidifier is the industrial mainstay of dehumidifying. Perfect for dealing with leaks, floods and humidity control across commercial and domestic properties. New build structural drying. Floor and fire restoration. Humidity control across all property types. Mains power s..
Hire From: £40.00
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