With so much on the market for cladding solutions, you may be thinking why should I go with Cedral? This blog will detail the key features that set Cedral cladding ahead of the rest of the competition.

Why is Cedral Better For You?

Cedral cladding is a brilliant alternative to regular cladding solutions with its range of three contemporary styles that are all available in a range of different colours to match your property. Cedral cladding is better than most cladding solutions because it requires no paint with its wide range of colours to choose from. This means that you can get the finish you are looking for allot faster and easier in comparison to most traditional UPVC cladding.

The unique sustainable fibre cement material that Cedral uses is made from portland cement, sand, chalk and natural fibres to provide a durable construction that is resistant to sun UV, rain, wind, and cold. This material is also fire resistant meaning in the event of a fire if the panels are exposed to flames they will not spread fire and will not generate large amounts of smoke.

Cedral Lap

This is installed in a traditional clapboard style that is very easy and quick to install making it ideal for a DIY installer. This cladding system can be overlapped vertically or horizontally to create a shadow line effect that gives a simplistic finish that lasts. As this is a pre-finished cladding solution meaning that no painting is required and with the massive range of 22 colours that we stock your options for colour selection remain open. This cladding is stable and securely fitted with a construction that is rot resistant is Garnette longevity and is easily washable with soap and water by hand. 


  • 3600mm Long
  • 190mm Width
  • 10mm Thickness
  • Weights 11.2 Kg per sliding
  • Fire safety classification AS-s1, d0
  • Amount of slidings needed per square meter 1.74

Cedral Click

Cedral click cladding is a flush fitting solution that has a unique tongue and groove weatherboard system that can be fitted both horizontally or vertically. With a range of 16 colours, there is a click cladding colour for almost any style of house with no need for the extra effort of painting the cladding after its installed. The pannels remain stable during temperature changes meaning there are no issues caused by the panels expanding and contracting during changing weather. Maintaining these panels is easy, simply use soap and water to wash off any dirt or dust build-up.


  • 3600mm Long
  • 186mm Width
  • 12mm Thickness
  • Weights 12.2Kg per sliding
  • Fire safety classification AS-s1, d0
  • Amount of slidings needed per square meter 1.60

With all of this information considered, choosing Cedral over other cladding solutions is a no brainer decision.