When we think about revamping our gardens, we’re usually put off by the thought of how expensive it can be.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case as there are many ways to prevent yourself from overspending on items you may not need. Keep reading to hear our suggestions on the best way to spruce up your garden, whilst saving money.

Plan ahead

Most of us tend to overlook how important it is to plan, when in fact it can be the most crucial step in saving pennies. Like almost everything in life, planning will give you a clear picture of exactly what improvements you want to make when you want to make them, and most importantly how it can be done.

With this information, you can decide what method works best for you and what you need. Whatever the outcome suggests, we have the options to suit your needs and lower your risk of overspending on unneeded items.

Invest early, save later

Though our main aim is to save money, it’s important to remember that over time one of the best ways to save is to invest in quality first. Cutting back when choosing a fence, for example, could leave you with a laundry list of repairs for a few months.

Saving on items you know are less likely to require maintenance or repair where you can is beneficial in the long run.

If you find yourself with a long list of repairs but can’t afford to replace an item, however, repairing can be effective if done right. You can read our article on fence repairs here, or get in touch with our team if you need any advice.

Keep it simple

Not all of us have the space for a pond, a huge decking area or a pool, but you don’t need any of this to make your garden look fantastic.

Placing a few plant pots and outdoor accessories such as decorative chipping to replace unused soil areas can make a huge difference in giving your garden a well-maintained look.

Add some colour

The quick and easy way to improve the look of your garden is to add some colour. Flowers can give your garden some much-needed life especially during the long summer months, as can give your fencing or shed a lick of paint.

Avoiding impulse buys and focusing on cheap and cheerful changes can make a huge difference. Be mindful that some plants only last during specific seasons, so try to get varieties that last year-round for the best investment.

If you need any products to help you decorate your gardens, here at Frank Key we may have exactly what you’re after.

Whether you choose to use hire tools or purchase products from our building and timber or landscaping ranges, we hope these tips help you to improve your garden and save money at the same time.