Designing a new garden may sound a little daunting. Perhaps your garden’s overgrown, wild or uninspired and you want a big change for this summer, but don't know where to start. Don't worry, we're here to help. Let's explore how you can affordably bring your garden dreams to life.

Before we start you have to think of your garden as an extension of your home. Therefore, just like your home paying attention to keeping it clean and tidy can create a big impact. 

Mowing and weeding

Trimming your lawn is a straightforward way to improve the appearance of your landscape. Using a lawnmower with a grass collection box reduces cleanup time and leaves no mess. 

A weeder can easily remove garden weeds from lawns, allowing you to enjoy your outside environment more. It's an easy, clutter-free technique to eliminate dandelions, docks, and other unwanted plants. 

Clear the walkways and patio. 

Sweep walkways, paving, and decking using a stiff broom to remove leaves, dust, and debris. To go the extra mile, pressure wash those areas to make them as good as new. 

These small steps also help you increase your house price if you are looking to sell. To find out more, read our previous blog on How To Increase Your House Price With a Graden.

To find out more about gardening tools see our blog on 5 Essential Gardening Power Tools You Need.

Add Planters 

Let's look at an innovative sleeper hack for a low-cost garden project. Go to your local Frank Key and get some railway sleepers—they're an affordable and flexible option for DIY gardening projects. With a little elbow grease, these sleepers may be transformed into stunning planters that add character to your yard. Simply position them in a square or rectangular shape, secure them with long screws, and fill them with soil to create an immediate garden bed ready for your favourite plants. This will make a wonderful focal point for your garden and lets you grow a variety of beautiful plants. 

For a detailed guide on how to make planters at home see our blog on Building a Garden Planter Out of Sleepers.

Fence facelift

You're probably thinking about that tired-looking garden fence wondering if it has seen better days. At Frank Key, we have a wide selection of timber fencing to pick from, ideal for creating a modern, snug corner or enclosed space. To know more about timber fencing and treatments, see our blog.

If you're looking for something simpler then a coat of paint may make a dramatic difference, transforming your yard from dim to intriguing! Play around with tones from the same colour pallet, or go bold! Check out our paint selection to rejuvenate your fence panels! 

Add hanging pots with plants on your fence to complete the look. 

Add a DIY BBQ 

Let's move on to the BBQ, which is a summer must-have in any garden. Have you ever considered building your own from bricks? Don't be intimidated; it's easier than you think, and a visit to your local Frank Key will give you all that you require. 

For starters, bricks are more durable and long-lasting than many other materials, able to survive harsh weather conditions and heat. 

It's simply about putting the bricks in a circular or rectangular design, joining them with a sand and cement mixture, and then adding your BBQ grill shelf to create a sturdy, long-lasting BBQ station! Not only is this a cost-effective option, but it also lends a rustic and functional touch to your outdoor space. To have a more visual guide see the video in the link and just follow along!

Remember, the key to building your dream garden on a budget isn't having a great budget set aside, but an imaginative mind and an eagerness to create something amazing.