With winter just around the corner, insulation is key when it comes to increasing your home's comfort and energy efficiency. Besides keeping your living space cosy, effective insulation can help you significantly reduce energy costs. At Frank Key, we understand the significance of affordable solutions for your home insulation needs. This blog will go through the top 5 insulation options from Frank Key that not only function superbly but are also cost-effective, so you can save on insulation and cut down energy costs this winter.


Fiberglass Insulation: Ideal for DIY and budget friendly

When looking for cost-effective insulation, homeowners frequently choose fibreglass insulation. For various uses, Frank Key provides a range of fibreglass insulation products, such as our Knauf Insulation range coming in the form of insulation rolls, which come in sizes of 100 mm, 150 mm and 200mm thick. We also offer insulation slabs, such as our Knauf Insulation100mm DriTherm 32 Cavity Slab, one of our best sellers. The Insulation slabs come in various sizes, click here to browse the full range of fibreglass insulation slabs.

These products are easy to use and perfect for those who enjoy DIY projects.


PIR Rigid Foam Insulation Board: Low Cost and Versatile Application

Frank Key provides PIR (Polyisocyanurate) rigid foam insulation which can be used in insulated metal panels, wall cavities and as insulated plasterboard. PIR has such a high thermal performance, it requires only half the thickness of other mineral-based insulation products. Despite its impressive performance, it's competitively priced. At Frank Key, we offer them in a variety of thickness options from 25 mm to 150 mm.

Rigid foam boards can be used in various areas, from insulating foundations to walls and roofs. Its versatility makes it a cost-effective choice for home insulation projects. You can browse our PIR Type Insulation here.


Rock Wool Insulation: Durable and Fire-Resistant

Frank Key provides rock wool insulation, which perfectly absorbs sound due to its open, porous structure. It isolates noise and suppresses vibrations, meaning if it were used as a roof insulation, it would reduce the sound of rain by up to 50%. If you are someone who requires insulation in a high temperature setting or for soundproofing, rock wool insulation is your best insulation solution. We recommend the Rockwool Sound Insulation Slab and the Knauf Insulation Omnifit Roll. Both come in various sizes and prices to ensure your needs are met, click here to browse the full range of products.


Multi-Foil Insulation: Advanced Insulation at a Great Price

At Frank Key, we offer multi-foil insulation, a technologically advanced solution that provides excellent thermal performance. Despite its sophistication, it remains affordable. Multi-foil insulation is thin and takes up little space, ranging from 50mm to 150mm, meaning it's excellent for projects with thickness restrictions. You can browse all the sizes we offer by clicking here.


Finding the best home insulation solutions is crucial for both your comfort and to help you save on energy bills. With a variety of insulation materials that deliver excellent performance without breaking the wallet, Frank Key has you covered. You can rely on us to offer high-quality materials for your house insulation needs, whether you choose fibreglass for its affordability, cellulose for its environmentally friendly properties, rigid foam for its adaptability, rock wool for its toughness, or multi-foil for advanced insulation. Make the smart choice immediately and get a head start on lower energy bills while maintaining a cosy living space. To find out more on our full insulation range visit the Frank Key website, click here to get started.