From the 15th of June 2022, there will be new building regulations which are aimed to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings developed. This is a step towards the end goal of “Net Zero” by 2050. There will be other steps which are due around 2025.


Building Regulations?

These are to help protect people’s safety, health and welfare in and around buildings. If you are making big changes to an existing building or building something new you will most likely have to conform to the current building regulations. To check for more information on what needs approval and not, please flow the link Info

The Changes

It is mandatory to cut carbon emissions in new homes, extensions etc by 30% or 27% depending on the type of work being carried out. You must comply with the new measures from June 2022 and it is your responsibility to know how they affect the work you are having done/doing.

With the new S document, we will now see homes having to have charging points for electric cars.

Documents Approved Amendments:

·         L – Looks at Energy efficiency.

·         F – Looks at improving ventilation.

·         O – Looks to ensure buildings do not overheat.

·         S – New approved document includes infrastructure for electric vehicles.

To view the documents please follow the link Updates


Currently in planning

The cut-off point is 15th June 2022 for submission under the current regulations. However, these will be considered under the previous regulations (transitional provision), providing the work starts before the 15th of June 2023.