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Fencing & Sleepers

Timber Fence Posts

Timber posts at Frank Key are made from some of the finest, high-quality timber available and provide a fantastic natural look, complimenting fence panels in any garden space.

Our timber fence posts are suitable for an extensive range of fence styles, and combine perfectly with wooden fence panels to create a consistent and attractive natural feel to your garden.

Concrete Fence Posts

When you're looking to add a strong and attractive piece of fencing up in your garden or open space, a concrete fence post is your best option. Concrete fence posts are know to heavily increase stability, especially in wet and windy conditions.

Although they reduce an element of the natural look for your garden, concrete fence posts are still an attractive option, and you can be sure your fences stay up.

What are Sleepers?

Traditionally used to support railway lines, railway sleepers have sprung into fashion for outdoor and gardening purposes. Railway sleepers provide a very rustic appearance, which is very sought after for many gardens. Sleepers can be purchased as new, or as reclaimed and both options will provide a very long lasting life.

What is Garden Border?

Garden borders are a fantastic way to add a special touch to your garden; all whilst attracting wildlife. Garden border allows you to split up your flower beds and create distinguished pathways between your flowers and plants. We have a selection of timber border edging available, with variations to suit a straight border or a curved border.