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Part Code: H06-MIX010
Our professional cement mixers enabling you to mix up to 85 litres of concrete or mortar quickly. Mixer stand is an optional extra. Reduced rates for long term hires. (+8 weeks) Power: 630W (Electric) or Petrol Weight: 79kg Capacity:85 litresOverview..
Hire From: £12.50
Part Code: H06-MIX030
This heavy-duty, diesel powered, trolley-mounted mixer ensures it is possible to mix 110 litres of concrete or mortar quickly. Electric start Weight: 390kg Capacity: 110 litres Minimum one week hire. Cleaning charges may apply.Overview..
Hire From: £48.00
Part Code: H06-MIX050
The paddle action mixes 60 litres of mortar in minutes. Includes a reverse action to remove clulmps and a mesh cover which allows materials to be added whilst mixer is still in use. Cleaning charges may applyOverview..
Hire From: £40.00
Part Code: H08-CON000
Complete with heater,temperature controller, wire rack and mains tail lead and plug. Minimum onr weel hireOverview..
Hire From: £10.00
Part Code: H08-CON010
Test cube molds supplied to BS standards c/w detachable baseOverview..
Hire From: £10.00
Part Code: H08-CON020
Ideal to effectively tamp freshley laid concreteOverview..
Hire From: £10.00
Part Code: H08-CON060
With three poles, the easy float allows the user to reach up to six metres. It also has a swivelling, rotating knuckle at the base to aid its direction whilst working the concrete.Overview..
Hire From: £12.50
Part Code: H08-CON070
These 900mm four bladed petrol power floats create a smooth finish to most concrete surfaces. Also available is an attachable finishing pan Power: 5.5 HP / 4KW Comfort bar to cushion the operator's hip Chrome plates rings for easy cleaning Central lifting point Trowelling diameter: 925mm Trowelling ..
Hire From: £5.00
Part Code: H08-CON100
The petrol unit when placed on any one of the beams, vibrates the beam whilst screeding at the same time. TO remove any confusion when it comes to pricing, we only charge for the petrol unit not the beams.Overview..
Hire From: £50.00
Part Code: H09-DRI030
Ideal for plastering and brick-laying trades, this heavy duty paddle mixer will take the hard work out of mixing plasters, cements and resins. Supply: 110v (Transformer available separately for domestic use) Download the guide for this productOverview..
Hire From: £15.00
Part Code: H12-FLO130
Based on a 125mm grinder, this power tool with its cup shaped diamond disc, will gradually grind concrete and other material down to the required level.Overview..
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Part Code: H12-FLO140
Effectively removes all types of floor coverings leaving a level surface ready for new flooring preparation. (Diamond Head Floor Grinders also available with an additional wear charge). Ideal for removing floor paints, rubber adhesives, carpet backing and bitumens. Generates high volumes of dust, th..
Hire From: £50.00
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