Tile Calculator

Welcome to our tile calculator tool. This tool is designed to help you work out how many tiles you need for your project. Getting your tiling project right is important, and that’s why we’ve built this tool to be easy to use and provide clear information. Whether you’re tiling a wall or floor, our calculator can help you.

To get started, enter the size of the area you’re tiling below, and we’ll do the rest – you’ll know how many tiles you need in just a few seconds!

Tiling Calculator

What are the dimesions of the area you are tiling in metres?


What size tiles are you using in (mm) ?


What joint width are you using (mm) ?

Common values are 3mm for Walls and 4mm + for floors


Area to cover in m2.
Number of tiles required
Approximate Grout requirements (kg)
Please note: We have added an additional 10% extra tiles to account for wastage. Grout requirements may differ based on surface being tiled to and specific gravity of grout selected