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Vandalene Black 2.5l

Vandalene Black 2.5l

Vandalene Black 2.5l Anti-Climb Paint will help to protect your property from intruders with a slippery, sticky, non-drying coating. A thick single pack non-drying product of sticky nature, providing a slippery surface. Contains a hidden identifier, making it ideal for any investigations against the accused intruder.


  • Protect virtually anywhere - home, garden, shed, factory or office 
  • Can be used on fences, drain pipes, window ledges, gutters etc
  • Quick & easy single coat application
  • Can be applied to wood, metal, and many other surfaces
  • Hidden identifier, which can be later identified by the police
  • Available in Black and Green
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Product TypeVandalene

Vandalene Black 2.5l

Vandalene Black 2.5l
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