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PAR 25x 200mm Per Metre

PAR 25x 200mm Per Metre

Our PAR 25x 200mm Per Metre is a premium joinery-quality planed timber is ideal for interior joinery where a smooth finish is required


  • Joinery-quality planed timber for painting, varnishing or where a consistent thickness is required
  • Ideal for internal joinery applications where a superior finish is required
  • Produced from slow-grown trees typically over 80 years old, this timber is less likely to split or twist
  • Wood naturally expands and contracts with moisture content so some changes in size should be expected
  • Planed smooth finish
  • Kiln Dried
Product Specification
Product TypePAR

PAR 25x 200mm Per Metre

PAR 25x 200mm Per Metre
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£4.41 (inc vat: £5.29)
  • Part Code: TI PAR 25X200