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Icon (internal) Pushfit Coupling 99-103mm

Icon (internal) Pushfit Coupling 99-103mm
Fernco Icon Pushfit Couplings connect drainage (wastewater and rainwater) pipes, using the internal surface. Traditionally, flexible couplings connect to the outside of drainage pipes, however in instances where this is not possible, ie. the pipe is encased in concrete, surrounded by brick or another hard material, then Icon internal Pushfit Couplings can be used to save time and create and connection using the internal surface of the pipes.The materials of the components conform to the latest standards for below ground applications, whilst the visual appearance remains minimal when installed, making it also ideal for above ground applications.Key Features: Significantly reduces labour time for connecting problem pipes Watertight connection on any pipe material Connects pipes of differing or irregular outside diameters Passes pressure tests WRc Approved
Product Specification
MaterialEPDM Rubber, ABS Plastic
Product TypeDrain Coupling
Size110mm x 100mm

Icon (internal) Pushfit Coupling 99-103mm

Icon (internal) Pushfit Coupling 99-103mm
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