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Brand: Frank Key Part Code: CLE B
This bleach is capable of sterilising, disinfecting and deodorising drains, waste pipes, lavatories and more. Features:Suitable for bleaching fabricsStable under normal conditionsSoluble in all proportions of waterVapour pressure: 17.5mm at 20°CReadily absorbs in soilChlorine odourOverview..
Brand: Frank Key Part Code: CLE D
A powerful disinfectant with a pleasant smell, suitable for cleaning floors, drains, sinks and toilets.Conforms to BS 6424 Group QAP 30Bottle with a carrying handle and screw lidOverview..
Brand: Karcher Part Code: KAR BRUSH
The Karcher Wheel Rim Brush provides highly effective cleaning. It distributes water evenly around a 360° area. Its shape and all-round bristles make it particularly suitable for difficult-to-reach areas and small recesses, such as wheels and bicycle spokes. Suitable for the following Kärcher washer..
Brand: Swarfega Part Code: CLE S 1
Swarfega Original Classic Hand Cleaner is a rapidly acting, classic, smooth green gel formula which removes ingrained oil, grease and general grime. With added conditioner which helps maintain the skin's natural moisture level to leave the skin feeling smooth after use.Features:Easy to apply and qui..
Brand: Frank Key Part Code: CLE W
This multipurpose highly effective hand dishwashing detergent can be used for washing up crockery, utensils and general cleaning.Features:Carrying handle for easy transportingScrew top resealable lidOverview..
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