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CL - GB - Bead, Mesh & Builders Metalwork

Bead, Mesh & Builders Metalwork

We stock a wide variety of bead, mesh & builders metalwork products that include items such as; render stop beads, Joists hangers, mending plates and much more. We only use the highest quality items from reputable suppliers such as Expamet and WEMICO so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your products will stand the test of time.

Plaster Coves

Our coves serve as decorative moundings that improve the appearance of areas where the partition and the ceiling meet by hiding the joint underneath it. These are easy and quick to apply, simply use the suggested adhesive.

Straps & Wall Starters

Our straps are manufactured with a lightweight design that allows for an easy installation while still being as strong as their heavier counterparts. Our wall starters are a great way to easily start new masonry walls, we stock galvanised and stainless steel wall starters with fixing included.